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With advertising costs soaring, the most important goal is obtaining impressions. We bring you the most innovative cost efficient way to get positive branding for your company and products, without the high cost of advertising. Unlike any other form of advertising your exposures will have an indefinite life span giving you sustained brand equity.  At this time Captive Audience Marketing represents over 30 major manufacturers as our Clients. We inventory and warehouse, many items, displays, signage, artwork and promotional items available for your production. Please call for our most updated Client List. Hours of Operation:
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With over twenty years of product placement experience, our personal relationships with many of the leading Producers, Production Resource Teams, Prop Masters and Set Decorators, places Captive Audience Marketing in the forefront of placement requests and fulfillment.  Working closely with the streaming, film and television industries, on a daily basis, we serve all the major studios including Warner Bros., Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Columbia, Sony, Universal, DreamWorksCBS Radford, NBC, Netflix, Amazon, Direct TV and Crackle as one of the primary sources for the hundreds of everyday products needed.  This saves time and makes for a significant cost savings on production budgets.  We continue to build upon our outstanding reputation and are respected for the integrity, professionalism, and commitment to excellence we have demonstrated for years.

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